Reddit Yankee and twilight fire Clan Games results

The Christmas round of Clan Games taking place over the holiday offered up a chance at the new Hero Potions and Shovels!  Reddit Yankee held strong pulling in more then 150,000 clan games points and once again led all of RCS in total points.  We were also the first to max clan games as a clan as well.  What a team!!

twilight fire held their own, coming in within the top15 for total points with just shy of 80,000 total clan games points.  IMPRESSIVE!!

Nicely done team!

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Team RDYK Expands into Clash Royale!

We play Clash!  We play Brawl Stars!  And yes — We play Clash Royale!!

Team RDYK is moving towards becoming a close-knit Supercell mobile gaming community.  If you play Clash Royale, join us!

Check us out in game, clan tag #Q9J0RG!  Our clan name is Royale Yankee
Click here to open the app and find us –>

Some pre-requisite information:
Minimum trophy requirement: 1700
Average donations a week: 5081

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twilight fire CWL Results — Maintain Crystal III !!

twilight fire really turned up the heat this round.  Personally I think our sweet spot is in Gold I or II being that we are focusing more on TH9 war.  However, twilight fire team surprised with some seriously awesome two stars against TH10s and, yes, even some TH11s!  The result?  We placed 5th in this round of CWL and maintained our stake in Crystal League III!  WELL DONE TEAM!!!

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Reddit Yankee CWL Results – Promotion to Master’s II !!

Reddit Yankee has a strong showing finishing the December ’18 season in second place!
We are also able to say that we won SIX out of the SEVEN matchups this CWL!  Whoa!

This resulted in us getting promoted into Master League II — Look at all those CWL medals!!


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Reddit Yankee family expands into Supercell’s new game, Brawl Stars!

With the release of Supercell’s latest game, Brawl Stars, going live and out of beta we have created a Club!

If you play, join us!  Club tag # JRPUCV

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Clan Games Results for Reddit Yankee and twilight fire!

Another successful Clan Games under our belt!  Reddit Yankee featured Escanor as the first member of RCS to hit 4000 clan games points and Reddit Yankee hit first clan to hit max tier for clan games as well as highest overall clan games points!  A JOB WELL DONE TEAM!!

twilight fire hung in there and managed to still come in top 15 across a tough race to break into the top ten!  WELL DONE!!


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Clan Games results for Reddit Yankee and twilight fire!

With the latest clan games behind us, I’m happy to once again share results for Reddit Yankee and twilight fire.

#1 spot across all of RCS – Reddit Yankee.
#5 spot across all of RCS – twilight fire.

WHOA!  That is just incredible.  Even better is when you look at the stats per clan.  Reddit Yankee had over 170,000 combined Clan Games points with ALL 50 members meeting our minimum requirement of 1,000 points and 33 members hitting 4,000 (max) clan games points!  AWESOME WORK TEAM!

twilight fire saw over 105,000 combined Clan Games points with 18 members scoring 4,000 (max) points and over 35 of our members meeting the 1,000 minimum requirements.  WAY TO GO!!!


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CWL for Yankee members moving forward

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take the survey. The results are in. With 18 of the 29 votes, Reddit Yankee is the favorite.

Moving forward we will be doing CWL in Reddit Yankee.

We look forward to the upcoming CWL and please remember to sign up if you’re interested in participating. The link is under announcements on the Discord.


Good luck and Clash on!

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twilight fire CWL proved to be an interesting one!

twilight fire faces a challenge.  Initially placing high in Crystal League II due to opting in every member of the team, we placed in leagues with a majority of TH12s, 11s, and 10s.  Because twilight fire focuses on TH9 war, this is obviously not the best scenario for us.

A HUGE shout out to RandomGye for directing the war strategies and Brotato for consistently being on top of war cc donations.  THAT is what being a TEAM is all about!!

This is what made this particular CWL an interesting one to watch.  Sadly, I am not able to get the CWL details from our last go to see star counts from our team, but let me just say that EVERYONE came together and really pulled down some great two-stars!  Hitting up as a TH9 to TH10/TH11/TH12 is never easy, but WE WERE UP TO THE CHALLENGE!

We’re on our way down to Gold III or Gold II league where I believe we’ll find our sweet spot.  Having said that, we were strong enough to only go down one league, to Crystal III, due to our war savvy TH9s sweet attacks!

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TheMaroonSpoons CWL Event Clan was a Success!

Huge thanks to Pepperoni Hands (For offering us his clan to use) and TechXC (Who directed war attacks) to help us make our stake in Master League II!

We were able to win 3 of our wars against tough competitors!

Whoa!  Look at all these stars!  Great job across the board by the entire team!!

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